Galopper im Training
Dominik Moser, Hannover
5 Making Trouble
(GER 2012) db. H. v. Paco Boy a.d. Making Hay
4 Nevio
(GER 2013) F. H. v. Shamardal a.d. Not for Sale
4 North Face
(GER 2013) b. H. v. Monsun a.d. North America
4 Sugar Free
(GER 2013) b. St. v. Exceed and Excel a.d. Sugar Baby Love
3 Anna Magnolia
(FR 2014) b.St. v. Makfi a.d. Anna Simona
3 Anno Mio
(GER 2014) b.H. v. Exceed and Excel a.d. Queen´s Hall
3 Artistica
(GER 2014) db.St. v. Areion a.d. Artica
3 Celebrity
(GER 2014) b.St. v. Shamardal a.d. Cherry Danon
3 Norway
(GER 2014) b.St. v. Nathaniel a.d. Norwegian Pride
3 Ragazza
(GB 2014) F.-St. v. Kyllachy a.d. Dusty Red
3 Shinzaro
(GER 2014) b.H. v. Invincible Spirit a.d. Shimrana
3 Tiganella
(IRE 2014) b.St. v. Mastercraftsman a.d. Top Act
3 Wild Soldier
(GER 2014) b.H. v. Soldier Hollow a.d. Wildfährte
2 Akua´rella
(GER 2015) b.St. v. Shamardal a.d. Akua´ba
2 Mad Max
(GER 2015) R.-H. v. Maxios a.d. Making Hay
2 New York
(GER 2015) dbr.St. v. Declaration of War a.d. North America
2 Noraya
(GER 2015) F.-St. v. Kendargent a.d. Not for Sale
2 Nordinsky
(GER 2015) b.H. v. Soldier Hollow a.d. Norwegian Pride
2 Waldluft
(GER 2015) b.St. v. Soldier Hollow a.d. Waldbeere
Andreas Wöhler, Gütersloh
3 Waldpfad
(GER 2014) b.H. v. Shamardal a.d. Waldbeere
2 Memories
() b.St. v. Soldier Hollow a.d. Messina
2 Tia Maria
(GER 2015) b.St. v. Maxios a.d. Trimurti
Graham Motion, USA
7 Messi
(GER 2010) F. H. v. New Approach a.d. Messina
Peter Schiergen, Köln
2 Angelita
(GER 2015) b.St. v. Areion a.d. Angel Dragon
2 Cherry Lady
(GER 2015) b.St. v. Soldier Hollow a.d. Cherry Danon
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